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Chiropractic Care in Pyrmont

Chiropractic care is based on the understanding that the nervous system controls all parts of the body. The spine is a strong set of bones in the body, but falls, stress, tension, overexertion, and other injuries, can cause the spine to work in ways that are not quite normal. This abnormal function can irritate the delicate spinal nerves that exit the spine between each bone. Chiropractors call this problem a Vertebral Subluxation. Instead of using drugs or surgery, chiropractors seek to improve body function through your nervous system by making minor adjustments to the joints of the spine which reduces the nerve irritation that is caused by subluxations. A visit to your chiropractor in Pyrmont is beneficial in that it can help speed your body's natural healing process and correct these issues.

Chiropractic care can act as a catalyst and help the body to speed the healing process. There are many more benefits you’ll experience with a regular visit to your chiropractor in Pyrmont including easier breathing,

better athletic performance, increased nervous system performance, and overall a healthier you. If you have not talked with a chiropractor before and you are experiencing any type of pain, soreness, or other health related issue, it may be time to call Pyrmont Chiropractic Centre on (02) 9660 7929 in Pyrmont.

Some common symptoms that Chiropractic patients regularly report relief are listed below. Click on them to find out how other people are benefitting from a visit to the chiropractor.

The right care choice for you at Pyrmont Chiropractic Centre Pyrmont

Emergency Chiropractic Care Adjustments

This stage of care is aimed at getting you out of pain as quickly as possible. This is the most intensive stage of care, and aims to restore joint function and control inflammation as quickly as possible.

Corrective Chiropractic Care

Corrective care is the initial stage of care designed to keep giving your body the tools it needs to begin to heal and improve your level of health. It is aimed at improving the biomechanical habits of your spine for better neurological communication in your body. This involves restoring normal function to your spine, and will also help prevent relapses or similar injuries later. Corrective care consists of regular adjustments over a period of 4 - 12 weeks (depending on the case). At the end of this block, a re-scan and re-examination is performed to assess the amount of progress that has occurred over this time. Should further corrective care blocks be required, an appropriate course of care is then recommended by your chiropractor.

Lifetime Wellness Chiropractic Care

By removing the nerve interference of vertebral subluxations, the life and health of your body will be able to flourish. With the maximum restoration of spinal function, many patients enjoy the new quality of life that regular chiropractic adjustments can provide. In addition, this type of preventative care can save time and money by helping prevent little problems from becoming serious. With fortnightly adjustments, overall health can continue to improve after the corrective care period.

Maintenance Chiropractic Care

Just like maintaining a car, periodical adjustments can prevent reoccurrence of the original injury. Our aim is to maintain the new level of spinal and nervous system health that has been achieved through the corrective care period.

Note - This is intended as a guide only and will vary depending on how quickly you respond to care. Remember… The body's healing methods are complex and thorough. They take time. Patience and perseverance are essential.

Talk to your local chiropractor at Pyrmont Chiropractic Centre in Pyrmont on (02) 9660 7929 and discover the ideal care for your health condition.